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Looking for a Reliable Leak Detection Company to Pass Off your Leak Detection Leads?

As a pool company owner we know you can do just about anything pool related, but leak detection and repair- you’re just not going to go there.

However having to send Betty, a loyal pool maintenance customer of 10 years, to a stranger hangs your reputation on the line just as much as the referral company doing the detection job.

The Leak Science team comes with a background in pool service and maintenance, before we made the switch to full service leak detection and restoration using highly sensitive equipment. Our equipment is extremely specialized and so accurate that it can tell if just 1 quart of water was taken out of a homeowner’s pool.

Here, at Leak Science we harness and utilize two things that generally make up leak detection- technology and science. Our top of the line equipment will detect if their pool has a leak with one simple test.  We’ve invested in efficient technology that allows us to locate a leak as quick as possible.

You Can Trust Us as a Referral to your Loyal Customers

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