10 Scary Facts About Pool Leaks

Pools come in many different shapes and sizes, and contain thousands of gallons of water. This means that if a leak occurs, it can lead to a substantial amount of damage. Whether your Scottsdale pool itself is damaged or your Phoenix or Mesa home has a leaking pipe or the plumbing lines to the pool are leaking, the repair must be addressed as soon as possible. Below are 10 scary swimming pool facts every pool owner should know.


pool leaks


1) Pool Leaks Are Not Always Obvious

Many pool owners mistakenly believe a leak would be obvious. However, most leaks are not obvious, until they are of major concern. We are speaking of thousands of dollars of damage.


2) Mushy Grass Doesn’t Necessarily Mean That You Watered for Too Long

One of the reasons leaks in swimming pools go undetected is because it is easy to make excuses for the signs of a leak. For example, if there is a mushy spot all the way on the other side of your yard, it could be the sign of a major pool leak—and not overwatering.


3) Leaks Can Lead to Sinkholes

While sinkholes are often considered a natural disaster, a pool that is allowed to leak into the foundation underneath can lead to a dangerous and deadly sinkhole.


4) High Water Bill May Be a Sign of a Leak

If you have a major spike in your water bill, it may be the sign of a leaky pool. If it is not your pool that is leaking, then elsewhere in your home.


5) The Leak Could Be Out of Sight

Don’t forget that your pool’s plumbing runs underground, meaning a leak could be occurring out of sight. Broken pipe leaks are tricky to locate which is why an expert is required to identify where the water leak is occurring.


6) You Can’t Maintain Your Pools pH

If you can’t maintain your pool’s pH, it may be a sign that you have a water leak.


7) A Leak Can Cost Hundreds of Dollars Per Day

When you combine the increased energy consumption, while your pump works on overtime, with water loss, your leak could be costing hundreds of dollars each day.


8) Your Automatic Filler Never Stops

You may not pay much attention to your automatic filler, but it if never stops running, it is a good indicator that you have a leak.


9) You Should Only Lose Around 1/8 Inch Water Per Day

Humidity and weather are certainly a factor, but in standard weather, a pool should only lose about 1/8 inch of water each day to evaporation. A Bucket Test will help you to determine if you have a leak.


10) Your Leak Could Cause Damage to Your Neighbor’s Yard

Leaks don’t stop at the property line, so the water leaking from your pool may find its way to your neighbor’s yard and lead to costly repairs for which you are responsible.

The longer a leak is allowed to progress, the more time, cost, and damage. This is why a professional leak inspection is required.


Worried About A Potential Leak?

Leak Science is available to perform a leak inspection for homeowners pools, commercial pools, and spas. Aside from homeowners, pool professionals and real estate agents can also benefit from the expert care and attention of a true leak detector.

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