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Leak Science specializes in finding leaks in swimming pools and all related water features. Ryan West, owner of Leak Science has established a strong reputation in the valley with DiamondBack Pool Service & Repair providing swimming pool repairs in the valley since 2006, maintaining a 5 star rating with Home Advisor. Using state of art equipment and his vast understanding of swimming pools Leak Science has been able to locate leaks where others have not.

The City of Chandler has cited that an estimated 30% of all pools in the valley leak and waste water unnecessarily.  That is a significant amount of wasted water and money.  What’s scary about pool leaks is that many folks simply do not realize they have a leak until they incur significant damage.

Leak Detection Financing Options

There are many indicators that your swimming pool and or related water features may be leaking.  If your water bill suddenly increases, or if any of your hard-scapes around the pool are lifting, you may have a leak. If you a have cracks in the surface of your pool or spa you may have a leak.  If you are adding water to your pool daily or your pump is losing prime, you may have a leak.


Areas in Your Swimming Pool Prone To Leaks

PLUMBING:  Swimming pool plumbing systems are often the source of the leak for numerous reasons including, but not limited to the pipe material used, the original installation quality, the age of the pipes, the plumbing configuration and/or soil conditions.

SKIMMERS: Cracks in the skimmer or in the pipe connected to the bottom of the skimmer are very common. The most common cause of cracks in the skimmer are material used,  age and settling

RETURNS: Leaks in the returns are also very common and may be due to a gasket, a leak in the pipe, or in the fitting itself.

POOL LIGHT:  Leaks found in or around the pool light are most commonly  either in the conduit line that the light cord is run through, or in the plaster and gunite surrounding the light.

CRACKS IN THE POOL SURFACE: Many are simply cosmetic in nature, but often they belie a more serious problem. Cracks can develop in the concrete that lies beneath the pool’s finished surface due to settling, ground shifting, and erosion or as a result of being drained and exposed to the elements for too long a period of time.  All cracks in a swimming pool surface should be checked out thoroughly by a trained professional.


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