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What To Expect For Your Pool Leak Detection Cost & Services

Having a pool is a great addition to your home. You can spend the summer making great memories with friends and family, and keep cool in the heat. A lot goes into taking care of a pool at home, and one thing you don’t want to skip is fixing leaks when they occur. Even a small leak can become a big problem if you don’t take care of it. And your pool leak detection cost is a better investment than dealing with a flooded yard!

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The Importance of Early leak detection

No one wants to have to deal with a leak. But if you wait too long, a minor leak can lead to big problems in your pool and your property. Along with fixing the leak, you may find that you have some major work to do in your yard to get it cleaned up. That’s why early leak detection is so important. When you detect a leak early, you can get it repaired before it becomes a major problem. If you can’t detect a leak yourself but suspect there’s a leak or other problem with your pool, your best bet is to reach out to an expert to get the help you need sooner.

Factors for Pool Leak Detection Cost

There are a number of factors that help determine the cost of a leak in your pool. Things like the size of your pool, the complexity of your plumbing, and other considerations are used to determine the cost. Most pool leak detection costs between $100 and $500. Along with detecting leaks, companies like Leak Science can develop a plan to repair the leak for you so that you can eliminate the problem in your pool and get back to enjoying it. Working with the same company that detected your leak not only saves time but can help ensure that your leak is handled correctly the first time.
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Step 1: Understanding the Problem

Our first step is to understand your leak problem. This is your opportunity to tell us all about the symptoms of your leak. Are you hearing strange noises coming from the walls? Are you experiencing low or inconsistent water pressure? Or is your pool losing water too rapidly? The more information you give us, the more quickly we can narrow down the possible locations of the leak and get to work.


Using sophisticated ultrasound technology, our trained technicians accurately locate the source of the leak. We have years of experience locating leaks of all sizes through hundreds of feet of plumbing. No leak is too big (or too small!) for our team to find.
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Our professionals’ outstanding workmanship will get your house leak or pool leak repaired with minimum disturbance once we’ve assessed and discovered your leak problem.

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4 Signs That You Might Have a Leak

Usually, people look for water leak detection services because they suspect a leak. There are a few signs that you might have a leak in your pool or the pool plumbing. Be sure to watch out for these signs to know if you should call an expert for help quoting a pool leak cost to fix it. If you notice any of these signs, it’s a good idea to reach out to a pool leak expert for help right away.

1)  Your water bill has gone up suddenly without changes in water usage at home.

2)  The water level in your pool is going down more quickly than usual.

3)  Your lawn, especially around your pool, feels water-logged.

4)  You notice water accumulating where it shouldn’t be in your yard and around your pool.

Get a Customized Pool Leak Detection Cost Quote From an Expert

If you’ve detected a leak in your pool or pool plumbing, the most important thing to do is get help from an expert. Even if you’re almost positive there’s a leak, an expert will need to use their own methods to find the leak, pinpointing the exact source, before it can be fixed. Once the leak has been detected, the expert can repair the leak and make sure that you can get back to enjoying your pool quickly. If you suspect that you have a leak in your pool, it’s important to get it taken care of right away. After all, a pool leak detection cost is a better investment than dealing with flooding in your yard if the leak gets worse. So if you think you have a leak, contact Leak Science today to speak with one of our experts and get help for your pool leak.

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