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No one wants to find out they have a water leak in their home. Whether you have been bothered by a dripping faucet or suspect a major plumbing leak under your home, it can be a serious problem. Fortunately, Phoenix water leak repair is nearby to help protect your home from damage. Knowing what’s available to help deal with your water leak will keep you from wasting water (and money) or facing serious water damage to your home. Here is some information to help you understand water leaks and how they are detected.


Our Phoenix Water Leak Repair Process

Sometimes you will find that you have a water leak somewhere in your home. Whether your leak is a minor drip in a bathroom faucet or something more serious, water leak repair is essential to getting things back to the way they need to be. Water leak repair utilizes the knowledge and experience of experts to detect the source of the leak and take action to repair it. Whether the water leak repair is a simple patch or an involved process of replacing key plumbing elements, ensuring that you get your leak repaired properly will keep you from being charged for wasted water and risking serious damage to your home and property.

At Leak Science, our expert technicians follow a simple and effective process for Phoenix water leak repair. First, we diagnose the problem, then locate and repair the pesky water leak. This process ensures that the leak is quickly and accurately detected and repaired as soon as possible. Learn more about our leak detection process below so you know what to expect when it comes time for us to help you with Phoenix water leak repair.
Water Drop & Ripples

We Diagnose the Problem

The first step in the process is to determine if you actually have a broken pipe leak in your home or pool. Our experts will use the information you provide, as well as your observations, to narrow down their search. We also run a complete diagnostic check of your home plumbing to determine whether there is a broken pipe leaking in your home.

Locate the Water Leak

Once we determine there is a broken pipe leaking, our team will locate where the broken pipe is located. This can be a hard thing to do, especially if the broken pipe is under your foundation. However, our team uses sophisticated ultrasound technology to locate the source of your leak. This advanced technology (plus our years of experience in the field) helps us find every leak, no matter how small.
Leak Detection Experts in Phoenix Working On Flagstone
Pool Deck After Repair

And Solve the Issue For You

After locating the broken pipe, our expert Phoenix water leak repair team will devise a plan to solve the problem. The plan will depend on the location of the broken pipe and how serious the leak is. Our all-in-one solution will save you time and money by also repairing the surrounding area of the leak. We are the only leak detection company in the Valley that provides pool restoration. This means we will completely repair any flagstone or concrete we had to remove when accessing the leak. You can rest assured that we will leave the leak problem area looking good as new!

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