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Keeping up with home maintenance is a full-time job, especially if you have a pool! And sometimes, no matter how thoroughly we care for our home, leaks spring up anyway. We know you have enough to deal with as a homeowner, and tackling a leak on your own can be stressful. That’s why we are happy to offer our professional Phoenix water leak detection services. We can identify the source of your leak and repair it right away so you can get back to enjoying your home.

Has your home or pool sprung a leak? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Leak Science! Call our experts at 480-794-0959 or contact us online to schedule your service appointment. The sooner you address your leak, the more time, money, and hassle you’ll save.

Pool Leak Detection

Pools are one of the biggest investments for most homeowners next to the house itself. However, the high costs of upkeep, mainly due to the high water bills, make it a quite expensive option for most people. The ones that do own a pool have a lot on their plate during the year. One of the things that is always on the pool owner’s mind is a potential leak and the cost of the repair.

If you notice unusually high water bills, a sudden drop in your pool water level, or even cracks running along the inside of your pool, you might have a leak! But don’t stress. Pool leaks are not uncommon, and the sooner you address it, the better. Leak Science offers pool leak detection, repairs, and restoration. This means that if we have to dig into the concrete or flagstone around your pool, we will restore it to its original condition. No need to hire an additional contractor after we’re gone!

Home Leak Detection

As many homeowners know, home leaks can spring up at any time. Some leaks are sudden, while others build up over time. And if you’re observant, you might notice the signs of damage, clogs, or broken equipment that can lead to leaks. Home leaks are a more prevalent issue since most people in the US don’t own a pool, but that doesn’t make it any less expensive. However we try to frame it, leaks are always going to be a threat to homeowners across Arizona.

This is where Leak Science steps in. As a premier Phoenix water leak detection company serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and more, Leak Science’s team will make sure your home and pool are checked for leaks, and if necessary, repaired. We are the right people to have by your side. Contact us today at 480-794-0959 if you believe you have a leak in your home or pool!

What Exactly Is Phoenix Water Leak Detection?

Phoenix water leak detection is a specialized industry that deals with swimming pool and home leaks. Due to the plumbing leaks causing billions of dollars of property damage each year, this has become a huge industry. Leak Science has made a name in The Valley as the only leak detection company that can complete swimming pool leak detection along with complete repair and restoration.

Why It’s Important To Detect The Leaks Early On And How To Spot Them

Even if you’ve dealt with leaks before, they can still be tricky to identify. In fact, swimming pools and home leaks can be tough to locate, even for some experts! These leaks can remain unseen for quite some time, and thus drain your pocket in a matter of seconds.

Those that are easily spotted can also sometimes be damaging to your pockets. People often ignore constant dripping sounds thinking it’s nothing serious. When you notice even the slightest leak, you need to react. Small leaks can quickly turn into larger problems, which can affect your whole property and cost you lots of money in repairs.

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How To Spot Leaks

Take some time to inspect your home appliances and plumbing. Listen for strange noises and take note of any dripping water or puddles. You should also inspect your pool (and its surrounding area) and look out for cracks, shifting tiles, or wet spots in your yard.

Here are some signs that may indicate a leak in your home or pool:
  • Water is still running when it’s shut off
  • Water meter is changing
  • Wet spots all over the property
  • Soil is shifting
  • Sudden increases in water bills
  • Foundation is cracking
  • Moldy or musty smell inside the house
  • Plants not growing equally in your yard
  • Pooling water underneath pipes or appliances

What Are The Most Common Types of Leaks?

Leaks all over the property waste so much money on a yearly basis. Many of these go unnoticed for years and the bills just keep racking up. That’s why it’s important to inform yourself about the most common types of leaks. Leak Science has experience with all of these, and believe us when we tell you—you don’t want to experience them first-hand.

Most Common Types of Home Leaks

  • Toilet leaks
  • Faucet leaks
  • Leaks under the sink
  • Shower or bathtub leaks
  • Water supply line leaks
  • Leaks behind or under appliances, such as washing machines or refrigerators 

Most Common Types of Pool Leaks

  • Cracked pool structure
  • Broken underground pipes
  • Fittings pulled away from the structure
  • Damaged pool equipment
  • Cracks in the pool lights
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Remember to immediately cut all the water off if you spot a leak! Call us right away for water leak detection and repair services.


Areas Around The House And Pool That Are Prone To Leaks

Detecting leaks can be pretty tough, but it might be noticeable if you’re looking in the right direction. This is not a comprehensive list but just a quick glance at which spots on your property might be more susceptible to leaks. If you spot some, immediately call Leak Science for Phoenix water leak detection.
Pool With Leak

Check For Pool Structure Cracks

Your pool’s structure could begin leaking if it has cracks in it. This one needs to be taken care of immediately, as it might ruin your whole pool. Although smaller leaks are typically cosmetic in nature, you should get them repaired before they become big leaks and cause problems.

Inside The Pool and Underground Plumbing

This is one of the worst areas prone to leaks. These go undiscovered for months, and will certainly drain your pockets in the process. Check the yard for wet spots, and if you notice some, contact us right away.

Around The Toilet

This is an easy one. Look out for the water on the floor beneath your toilet. Check to see that the pipes behind your toilet are not damaged or dripping. 

Around Washing Machines

Leaks can be pretty common behind the washing machine. If you notice wet spots all over the floor next to the washing machine, it’s time to call Leak Science at 480-794-0959! Check your other home appliances, like dishwashers and hot water heaters, regularly for signs of damage and leaks.
Plumber Repairing Leaking Toilet

Why Choose Leak Science?

When you’re dealing with a leak, you’ll need a trusted, reputable leak detection company to help you locate and repair it. Leak Science is the only Phoenix water leak detection company that manages the entire process—from finding the leak to completely repairing the leak. If you still need a little bit of convincing, see what others have to say about our Phoenix water leak detection services!

Leak Science Has The Experience

For more than 15 years, we’ve been solving leaks with the most up-to-date equipment and techniques. Our team is thoroughly trained to follow our simple yet effective method for locating and repairing leaks.

State of the Art Equipment

We strive to continue our education and experience in the Phoenix water leak detection industry. Because of this, we always use the latest technologies and techniques in the leak detection industry. We use state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment to quickly and accurately locate the source of leaks no matter where they occur. By doing this, we’re always one step ahead of everyone else!

You Won’t Have To Worry About High Water Bills

Those inflated water bills are going to be a thing of the past. When we assess the issue on the property and take the necessary steps to ensure that the issue is completely resolved, you can say goodbye to those pesky leaks and high bills.

Quality Workmanship and Results That Last

During our 15 years in the industry, we’ve learned quite a bit. But above all, we pride ourselves on our quality workmanship. Our repairs last long after we’re gone so you won’t have to worry about another leak for a long time.

Water Leak Detection Experts in Phoenix - Leak Science

Leak Science has all of the necessary tools for the job you might need. Contact us today and secure yourself a leak-free future. When you hire Leak Science, you can rest assured knowing we’ll locate the pool or home leak. Call now and hire the best Phoenix water leak detection company!

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