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Sometimes it can be easy to find a leak in your home. You will know you have a leak if your faucet is dripping or moisture is under the sink. But what if a broken pipe causes your leak? Broken pipes can be much harder to detect and, unfortunately, can be more damaging to your home than a dripping sink. The more you know about a broken pipe leak and what to do if you suspect one, the easier it will be to protect your home from severe damage.

4 Ways to Know if You Have a Broken Pipe Leak

There are a few signs that point to a broken pipe leak in your home. Knowing these signs can help you identify a potential leak before severe damage occurs. This will help you get the leak repaired early so it doesn’t do any severe damage. These signs could mean you have a broken pipe somewhere in your home. If you see these signs, it may be beneficial to reach out to an expert for help.
  • Changes in water pressure in your home. This indicates that the water from the pipes is not getting to the faucet as it should be.
  • Water marks on the ceiling or walls. This indicates there is moisture behind the wall (or in the ceiling) from the pipes routing throughout the home.
  • Water discoloration or odors from the faucet. This means your pipes may have rust or other damage that can cause a leak.
  • Increased water bills indicate that water is being used, even if you are not using water from your faucets.

Broken Pipe Diagnosis, Locate & Repair Process

There are three phases in dealing with a broken pipe leak in your home: diagnose, locate, and solve. Knowing what is involved in each stage can help you understand how experts can address your problem.
Water Drop & Ripples


We will conduct a water leak diagnostic inspection of your home or pool from the ground up. We’ll leave no area unchecked as we search for the problem!


Using sophisticated ultrasound technology, our trained technicians accurately locate the source of the leak. We have years of experience locating leaks of all sizes through hundreds of feet of plumbing. No leak is too big (or too small!) for our team to find.
Leak Detection Experts in Phoenix Working On Flagstone
Leak Repair Under Pavers Repaired


Our professionals’ outstanding workmanship will get your house leak or pool leak repaired with minimum disturbance once we’ve assessed and discovered your leak problem.

Detecting Leaks

We avoid being evasive in our procedures, which helps you avoid having to remove many building components. Our goal is to save you more money by avoiding property damage, all while finding a leak promptly. If you’re trying to detect a leak on your own, keep an eye out for mold. Mold typically thrives in moist, water-containing environments. Water may be present around drywall, wood, and any other organic material if you have a leak. We will assist you in stopping future leaks that can cause mold or further secondary damage.

Plumbers used to have to dig everything up until they found the pipe break if there was a leak under your foundation or hidden in the earth. Many businesses continue to operate in that manner, but at Leak Science, we have a better method.

We have the most cutting-edge tools and gear for locating and repairing concealed leaks (from Acoustic Leak Location devices to Digital Leak Location equipment.) Thanks to our sophisticated technology, we no longer need to dig a massive hole in your yard because we can pinpoint the location of your broken pipe with great accuracy. In most situations, we can reroute your piping, negating the need to dig ugly holes in your yard entirely. Our cutting-edge method helps you save time, money, and landscaping.

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What You Can Do Before the Expert Arrives

Depending on where the broken pipe is located and how serious it is, there may not be much you can do before an expert arrives. However, a few things will make the assessment go more smoothly so the broken pipe can be repaired more quickly.
  • Make sure the area is accessible for the expert to examine the broken pipe and the surrounding area.
  • Make sure your water shut-off is accessible for when the expert needs to turn off the water to your home to examine your pipes.
  • Make sure you can answer questions about the problem (when you first noticed it, if it’s gotten worse over time if you tried to repair the problem on your own), so the expert has all the knowledge needed to help you.

Sometimes you need the experienced eye of a plumber to find concealed leaks. For leak detection, qualified eyes and high-quality tools are required. We have reduced the water wasted and saved homes and business owners money on their utility bills thanks to our team of professionals and cutting-edge equipment. Using our strategies, you can avoid costly property damage and destruction while saving money and water.

We at Leak Science know that leaks may be more common in older buildings, but they can also happen in more recent construction. Corrosion, poor building practices, or ground movement can all result in unexpected pipe damage. If the issue is not resolved, it will only worsen, harm your property, and negatively impact your future.

We are fortunate to have a group of knowledgeable plumbers who can prevent a mishap from a leak. Our proactive approach to leak detection in your plumbing system includes working to repair damaged pipes. You can maintain excellent pipe condition with the correct detection. We have skilled specialists that can locate and identify leaks in various plumbing systems using exact measurements. We can use high accuracy to find your underground leaks, whether a commercial building or a home residence.

Symptoms of a Hidden Water Leak

Water leaks are frequently exceedingly challenging to find since they are concealed. However, you must be aware of the warning indications of a hidden water leak so that you may promptly contact a professional leak repair provider. If a leak is not found and fixed immediately, it can ruin your Phoenix-area house, even if it is very little.

Watch out for these typical indications of a water leak in your building:
  • Water that has accumulated in the road in front of your property or home.
  • Unaccounted-for lush parts of your lawn or wet areas of your landscape.
  • Your house has water damage, such as stains on the walls, ceiling, or floor.
  • Your home’s standing water, such as puddles beside toilets, baths, and sinks.
  • The sound of water running even when all faucets are closed.
  • Increases in your water bill without explanation.
  • Your home or building’s water pressure may be low or inadequate.
  • Strange sounds, such as hammering or squeaking noises, might emanate from the pipes.
  • Visible fissures in your home’s foundation.
  • Landscape and driveway damage, including cement that’s fractured.
  • Noxious, sewage-like smells.

For faulty pipes inside your home that are difficult to notice, pipe leak detection is essential. It can be challenging to detect a minor, hardly perceptible pipe leak in your home, but if it isn’t fixed right once, the damage might be equal to that from a burst pipe. Without the inconvenience of tearing down walls or flooring, an expert in Leak Science with an electronic leak detector can quickly locate the cause of your pipe leak. Although they can be challenging to spot, the following symptoms could point to a plumbing leak in your home:
  • Your Phoenix, Arizona water bill has increased significantly or in an odd way.
  • The water meter keeps ticking.
  • Damp areas that breed mold or mildew plumbing-related.
  • Your home’s foundation may be harmed by plumbing leaks.
  • Look for wet patches close to toilets, sinks, and bathtubs.

No matter the issue, our plumbing inspection & pipe leak detection plumbers in Phoenix, Arizona, will identify what needs to be fixed before any work is done. This lets you know exactly what solution is ideal for the plumbing network in your home.

If you think you may have a broken pipe in your home, don’t wait until you’re sure to call in an expert! We pride ourselves on being an all-in-one solution. Many water leak detection companies in Phoenix will come in and find your leak, but not all leak detectors will finish the job by repairing the surrounding leak area. That’s where we come in.

Leak Science today and start the process so you can protect your home and swimming pool from water damage.



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