Maintaining Your Vacation Home Afar

There is something about the Phoenix area that is absolutely delightful during the winter season; it does not get bitterly or miserably cold. While other parts of the U.S. experience below-freezing temperatures and heavy snowstorms, some residents in the Valley of the Sun are still found wearing flips in the middle of December. Yes, Phoenix's tolerable winter season has allured many East Coast and Mid-Western individuals to purchase a winter home in Arizona to escape certain parts of the country's grim winter conditions.

The year-round Phoenix residents call these types of folks "Snowbirds" as they fly to the southwest region and nest in the warm winter sun, and departing before the scorching summer heat begins to rise. Having a vacation home is an incredible asset to own, but keeping that home in top shape can be challenging to maintain when you live thousands of miles away. Maintaining your vacation home when you aren’t present is important because you don't want to go back to any damage like a pipe leak that has gotten so bad you need major to minor repairs. It would make your time spent in Phoenix very unpleasant having to deal with numerous home problems. At Leak Science, we know the Phoenix area and what to inspect to avoid damage to certain sections of your home. If you are a newly hatched snowbird, we have some tips and advice to consider when maintaining your Phoenix vacation home from a different state.

Self-Prevention of Leaks

It is never fun to start your vacation off with several tasks to repair your vacation home. You want to spend your time unwinding and enjoying the great weather instead of getting frustrated with all the work that needs to be done. There are a few steps that you can take to help prevent leaks that may occur while you are not currently living in your vacation home. Before you leave your vacation home, make sure to clear all water from the pipes. Make sure to flush all the toilets and leave the sink drains open to help with any potential drainage. Another step in preventing leaks that you can consider is turning off the water supply to the home before leaving. This step is beneficial, especially if you don't have someone who checks on your home occasionally. Turning off the water supply safeguards against home leaks from unintentional water flow, which can result in flooding, water line leaks, damaged washing machine hoses, appliance malfunctions, and more.

Have Your Pipes Inspected

If you decide not to turn off the water supply, one sure way that you can rest easy that your vacation home will not be an issue when you are not there is to have your pipes inspected. Having a pipe inspection done on your vacation home is a great reassurance to avoid water leaks and prevent long-term damage. If leakage from a household pipe is not detected appropriately, this leak will considerably affect a house. An undetected leak that is not properly repaired can lead to hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs that a home will need to pay to fix the damage issue the leak caused.

Inspect Your Roof for Potential Leaks

Having the pipes inspected throughout the entire home is a safe bet that you won't have any unexpected damage when you return next season. It is also wise to ensure that your home's roof will hold up to the weather conditions and storms that Phoenix endures while you are away. Roof inspections in Phoenix are recommended to have done at least annually to make sure the roof can withstand the upcoming weather conditions Typically, most roof damages occur during Phoenix monsoon season. Monsoons are Phoenix's harsh storms that happen periodically throughout the summer. As a snowbird, you are most likely back in your other home during these monsoons, but the storms can cause damage to your roof with or without you there. Roofs can be damaged by the high mile winds tearing off shingles, then breaking the seal, and then causing rainwater to leak into your home. Make sure the vacation home's roof is ready to handle the monsoon season before you travel back home.

Gutter Check

Part of preparing your Phoenix vacation home for the monsoon season is to make sure you have a rain gutter system that will protect your home from rainwater damage. One thing that is powerful about the Phoenix monsoon is the fast and heavy rain pour that tends to flood the streets, parks, and people's yards. It is important to have your rain gutters inspected to move the rainwater away from damaging the home. Ensure the home's rain gutters are cleaned out and have no obstructions that would cause water to back up and not flow out.

If your vacation home has a flat roof, notice the slight angles created to allow the rainwater to flow and detect any debris build-up that would clog the gutters. Having clogged gutters will cause the rainwater not to flow correctly and will sit and damage the roof of your home. Water that stays on a roof can cause certain roofing materials to weaken, break, or form a crack, and then your roof is open for water damage. As the next monsoon storm rolls in, rainwater will flow into the crack, causing damage to your vacation home's ceiling, interior walls, insulation, and home's flooring. If a leak in the home can lead to damage to the home structure, it can also cause mold to grow. Any kind of mold is dangerous as it potentially leads to respiratory health problems, headaches, and skin irritations.

Foliage Inspection

If your Phoenix vacation home has a beautiful landscape, you want to make sure that it stays in great condition and doesn't cause damage to your home. Another powerful force that the monsoon winds tend to cause is uprooting trees. It is not that uncommon to see certain Arizona trees easily blown over and land on a roof, through a window, or on a home's carport. Checking to make sure that any heavy trees around your property cannot be uprooted in a storm and remove any heavy branches that may detach from the tree. If a branch breaks off during a storm and lands on your home's roof, there can be damage caused. The branch could break a shingle or roof tile, leading to a crack and then a leak. The branch could also ruin or clog your home's rain gutters, which are vital for protecting your home during the monsoons. If you need help getting your Phoenix home ready and making it easier to maintain your vacation home while you are away, Contact us at Leak Science, and we will be happy to help.

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