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It can be extremely tough to locate a swimming pool or home leak. One of the biggest worries of homeowners with water leaks in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and the rest of the Valley is their ability to go unseen which can end up costing hundreds and even thousands of dollars each month in water bills and, eventually, water line breaks causing flooding and additional damage. Our expert Leak Science Team is able to identify water leaks in your pipes by isolating a line from the other lines and inducing air or compressed gas into the line. We look for a drop in pressure on that line which is a strong indication of where the leak is located.

Here at Leak Science, we pride ourselves in being your all-in-one solution when it comes to home leaks and swimming pool leaks. We have a reputation for both our craftsmanship and experience to find even the toughest leaks that can go overlooked. Instead of hiring strictly a water leak detection company in Phoenix to repair your water leak and having to hire another company on top of that to come in to repair the materials and setting surrounding the water leak, we can repair the leak and complete the job by servicing the surrounding area simultaneously.


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“I highly recommend Leak Science. I called Ryan late yesterday afternoon and explained that our pool guys haven’t been able to prime the pump to our pool and thought there might be a leak somewhere. Despite having a busy schedule today, Ryan fit us in and was out here first thing this morning. By 11:30 am the leak had already been located and repaired (Ryan discovered that a giant hole had been punctured in the underground pipe) and our pump is now back up and running. Ryan was courteous, helpful, professional, and knowledgable. We SO appreciate him coming out so quickly. His service fees were also very reasonable!”

Rachael Boyer Shuman


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