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If you suspect you have a leak, there may be some tell-tale signs that have led you to think this way. You may have an increase in your water bill, you may be noticing your yard has pools of water appearing, or you may be noticing coffee-colored stains on your ceilings or walls. Even if these signs only show up for a short period of time but eventually come back, this may be a serious leak problem that needs to be handled quickly by professional leak repair services.

Detecting where your leak is can be the hardest part without proper equipment. Often times the leak will be underground, deep in the walls of your home, or somewhere inside your pool. Leak Repair Services have the technology to locate exactly where the leak is flowing from with the use of vibrations coming from the leak itself. Leak Science has found all different types of swimming pool leaks that required all different types of methods because we understand the science behind the leak.

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How Do Leak Repair Services Find Leaks?

Leak Repair Services

Suspecting you have a leak is a heavy burden to bear. You may be asking yourself, how much is this going to cost? What if the leak can’t be found? If I have a leak, will it cause a sinkhole or further damage? Read our frequently asked questions below to help determine if you need our expert services. Leak Science utilizes two things that generally makeup leak detection: Science and Technology.

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How do you find a water leak?

It isn’t easy, but we utilize dye testing, pressure testing, visual inspection, and tracer gas detection. Our experience and trained ears are a major differentiator for our expertise.

How accurate is leak detection?

The industry standard is within a 2’x2′ area. 90% is up to the locator’s skills and 10% is his locating gear. Circumstances such as depth and material of the pipe can and do affect this. For example, a PVC pipe buried 4ft under very compact soil will be tough to find, but a pipe buried under a 4′ concrete slab and 12′ under dirt can be found with greate accuracy. We spend a lot of time wearing earmuffs, listening for certain sounds with our trained ears.

What if you can’t find our leak?

In many cases, we are the last resort and it’s very rare that our Leak Science team would come back without an explanation for your leak problem. We will work until we find a solution.

How much will leak detection cost?

The tougher the leak, the higher the cost. Industry-wide leak detection base rates will range from $175-$600. For more information, click here!

Do I need to worry about a sinkhole?

It can happen in extreme circumstances if you let it go for too long. In Arizona, our soil is sandy and water drains right through it without destabilizing the soil in many cases. Leaks that are left to leak and turn into larger leaks, will cause destabilization and cracking in pool shells, concrete slabs, and foundations.

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