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Are you dealing with high water bills every month? Do you suspect a hidden leak in your pool but can’t seem to pinpoint the issue? We are here to help! If you have a swimming pool, you should know that this endless source of fun comes with some responsibility too. When not taken care of regularly, a pool can develop leaks, and we don’t have to tell you the issue is not entertaining at all.

Regular pool maintenance and pool leak detection service are what you need. Handling a leaking pool is not an easy task, and you’ll need all the help you can get for resolving the issue and preventing it from happening again. Leak Science has you covered with professional leak detection in Surprise, AZ. Read on and find out how to detect common signs of water leaks and why hiring a leak detection service is a smart choice.

Common Signs of a Leaking Pool

Leaks can happen anywhere in your pool. They not only waste your time but get worse every second, increasing initial damage and compromising the entire structure of your pool. That’s why it’s imperative to detect and resolve leaks as quickly as possible.

Finding the pool leak is not always easy. Mechanical issues, structural damage, plumbing, broken pipes, and loose or broken fittings can all be behind pool leaks. How do you keep track of all these things? Well, we’ll give you a few expert tips for detecting common signs of a leaking pool.
  • Water Level Changes. Water loss in the pool is usually a sign of a leak. Now, while it’s normal for a certain amount of water to evaporate over time, this shouldn’t be excessive. Evaporation rates depend on the weather conditions, mainly the water temperature, humidity, and wind. Take into account the changes in the weather before you check the water level. If you notice you are losing large amounts of water, contact us so we can diagnose the problem.
  • Cracks in Tiles. Excess water can cause cracks and movements in the tiles, which results in large leaks and damage. If you suspect a pool leak, make sure to check the tiles because they’ll give you a warning sign of an existing problem.
  • Wet Spots in the Lawn. Do you have wet and mushy spots on your lawn or in the gravel around your pool? When the pool is leaking, the area around the pool is compromised because it’s continuously exposed to water.
  • High Water Bills. Your water bills might increase as well when the pool is leaking. Automatic devices tend to hide leaks by filling the pool continuously, but you should still be able to detect them by monitoring the monthly expenses and comparing last year's bills to this year's.
  • Water Under Equipment. Your equipment should be completely dry. If you notice standing water or corrosion at the pump or around the pipes, you probably have a leak somewhere in the system.
  • Algae Growth. Water discoloration or algae growth isn’t a good sign. Leaks commonly lead to these issues, so inspect the water regularly to determine its condition.

If you cannot pinpoint the problem in your pool, call a professional. Our water leak experts will detect leaks quickly and suggest repairs to resolve the issue.

Why is Early Pool Leak Detection Important?

Early pool leak detection is important for many reasons. First, a small issue will likely evolve into a larger one over time. Secondly, even the smallest leak can cause a lot of damage to the pool and the property. By detecting and fixing the leak early on, you can avoid all these accompanying issues and save a lot of money in the long run.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Surprise Pool Leak Detection Company

Although it might seem costly initially, hiring a professional leak detection company is highly beneficial and can even save you money in the long run. Here are some of the main benefits of hiring leak repair professionals to detect pool leaks:

Easy Leak Detection 

Experts can often pinpoint leaks in minutes, regardless of how much issue is hidden. We run a thorough diagnosis of the entire pool and have the necessary tools to discover leaks in all areas of the pool, from cracks to plumbing pipe leaks. Therefore, if you want to find a leak and ensure your pool is in top condition and has no underlying issues, hire a professional.

DIYers can look for warning signs of a pool leak, but most leaks are well-hidden and challenging to discover. Running a full and reliable leak detection test requires extra effort and knowledge. Professionals use special tools to detect leaks with utter accuracy. You can expect them to run all the tests your particular situation demands. 

Save Time and Money

Hiring a leak detection company might seem pricey, but it actually saves you money in the long term. By finding and resolving leaks quickly, you prevent larger and even more expensive problems in the future. A pool leak can waste thousands of gallons of water very quickly. You'll also save time on bothersome DIY work.

Pools are not easy to maintain and repair, and therefore, mistakes are pretty common. With professionals, the risk of further damage and a poor job is close to zero.


Tips for Hiring the Right Pool Leak Detection Service

To make sure you hire real experts to work on your pool, follow these simple tips before you opt for any company in particular:
  • Hire Pool Experts. It’s crucial to hire a company with expertise in pool repair work, including leak detection. If you chose a plumber specializing only in pipe leaks, you might do more damage to your pool.
  • Check Credentials. A reliable leak detection company should have a state license in order to work on building, repairing, and maintaining pools. Most states require a work license to ensure the legal and trustworthy work performance of all companies and protection for the public. 
  • Ask for Reviews and Past Work. A leak detection company‘s past work and reputation are everything. Reliable businesses like to brag about past projects and showcase customers’ reviews. Thus, when you ask for work examples and reviews, a leak detection company should provide them right away, no questions asked. You can view our pool leak repair reviews on Google.

Why Choose Leak Science?

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and experienced leak detection company in Surprise, Leak Science should be your number one choice. We offer professional leak detection services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and Gilbert as well to help people enjoy their pools all year round.

Dealing with pool leak detection, repairs, and restoration is challenging and time-consuming. Above all, it can make the summer much less entertaining. That’s why you have Leak Science to take care of your pool and prevent discomfort and boredom during hot season days.

Leak Science is a veteran-owned and operated leak detection company. We pride ourselves on deep knowledge and long experience in swimming pool leak detection and pool restoration. Thus, we are confident about resolving any issue you might have in your pool or spa.

Our Process for Leak Detection 

Our water leak detection methods are simple and thorough at the same time. With Leak Science, you don’t have to move a finger to repair a leak in your pool. We’ll only ask you a few questions about the symptoms and problems regarding your pool and start with the work immediately. The first step is always the pool inspection.

Typically, our experts run a dye test on cracks and openings to check for leaks. Then, we pressurize pipes to search for underlying and hidden issues in the plumbing system. If there’s no pressure loss during the test, we move forward to locating leaks with highly sensitive acoustics.

We use special and highly-sensitive pool leak detection equipment combined with our experience and knowledge. This combination delivers outstanding results and allows us to locate and resolve leaks quickly. As you know, time is of the essence when it comes to pool leak repair and prevention, and we look to save time and money for our clients whenever we can.

Professional Leak Detection in Surprise, AZ

Leak Science offers a full leak detection service and the necessary tools to find even the scariest and best-hidden leaks. At a reasonable cost, you get both leak detection and repair. Call us today and resolve your troublesome pool issue quickly and effortlessly!

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