Leak Detection Experts in Phoenix

You may be wondering if it’s necessary to hire leak detection experts in Phoenix when you’re not even sure if you have a leak. The answer is yes! Leak detection and inspection have many benefits, including improving your residential or commercial property. Whether you suspect you have a leak or haven’t had an inspection of your pool or pipes in over a year, it’s time to contact the leak detection experts in Phoenix.

Why you need leak detection experts in Phoenix


1. To find those hard-to-find leaks

While some leaks are more obvious, others can be almost impossible to find. Your home and pool create 100s of feet of piping, all wrapped in a maze-like fashion, often under at least 5 feet of concrete, dirt, and rocks. Without specialized equipment and a trained ear, you could be spending WAY too much time searching for the leak itself, spending WAY too much money by not finding the leak efficiently, and severely risking irreparable damage to your property.

As leak detection experts in Phoenix, Leak Science harnesses two things that generally make up leak detection – technology and science. We use highly sensitive equipment to find even the most difficult leaks efficiently and accurately.

2. To get an accurate understanding of your pipes

Prevention is always better than finding a cure. By investing in an annual inspection of your pipes, you may be spending more money right now, but you are preventing thousands of dollars in possible renovation bills.

Even the best plumbing systems won’t last forever, but with proper maintenance and routine pipe inspections, you can max out the life expectancy of your pipes. Most systems are designed to last from 50-80 years, and an inspection will make you aware of small problems before they turn into major ones.

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3. Expert-grade service

While there are so many DIY videos online for so many things, leak detection is among the few tasks you should absolutely not do without the assistance of a professional. Again, while some leaks are obvious, that is usually a sign that it’s too late.

When you utilize the expertise of a high-grade professional leak detection company in Phoenix, you ensure exact locating, no matter where the leak is in your piping. By hiring leak detection experts in Phoenix, you are allowing yourself peace of mind.

Complete Leak Detection and Restoration

Leak Science is the leak detection experts in Phoenix your pool company owners are calling for leak detection. We manage the entire process. From finding your leak, extracting concrete or flagstone, to repairing the leak, and even completely restoring the area – as if nothing ever happened!

Traditionally, other leak detection companies find and repair leaks but need to hire an outside contractor to help restore the affected area to its original condition. This allows for even more strangers in your home, longer repair times, and ultimately more bills. Leak Science is the only leak detection company to legitimately find and fix.
Leak Detection Experts in Phoenix Working On Flagstone
Leak Detection Experts in Phoenix After Working On Flagstone

Do you repair broken pool pipes?

We do. As the leading leak detection experts in Phoenix, we are willing and able to repair broken pool pipes. These repairs are the toughest to fix, depending on the locator’s accuracy in locating the leak in the first place.

Once the leak is located, the impacted part of the pipe is cut out and repaired in that area. Our team cannot generally bypass the pipes in a pool, so we fix them in place and restore the concrete and coatings in your pool.

Contact Leak Science today if you suspect you have a leak, or if you haven’t had an inspection in the past 12 months. Our team will be of service to you in 1-2 weeks unless you have an emergency situation. 

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