About Leak Science: Full Leak Detection & Pool Restoration

What Leak Science Is All About

You will notice that our logo is Red, White & Blue. Leak Science is a veteran-owned and operated leak detection company. We specialize in swimming pool leak detection and pool restoration. The pool & spa side of leak detection is like no other when it comes to the leak detection industry and has a reputation for being the most difficult when it comes to finding leaks. We typically work against a maze of 100's of feet of plumbing running in different directions to and from and all around your pool. We know and understand pools and spas very well, so when it comes to looking for a leak, we know what to look for.

The Leak Science Process for Leak Detection

Our process is simpler than it sounds. We first start by speaking in detail with the homeowner or trade professional to access the symptoms. Next, we inspect the pool and dye test every opening and crack that could be a potential leak. We then pressurize each pipe underground to see if we have pressure loss. Next, we locate the leak by using highly sensitive acoustics followed by our leak verification process. Lastly, "X" marks the spot generally in a 2x2 ft area. I have been asked many times "how do you find a leak". I generally respond with "it's like walking into a pitch black room the size of your backyard and feeling around for the doorknob that could be located anywhere". We rely entirely on our experience and knowledge with pools and spas, our process, equipment and our own sense of sight and sound. 

Expert Help with Specialized Equipment

Here, at Leak Science, we harness and utilize two things that generally makeup leak detection- technology and science. Using highly sensitive equipment we are able to find the leaks that continue to cost you money every day until they are located and repaired.

Do you think your pool is leaking? Call Leak Science right away! Our top of the line equipment will detect if your pool has one simple test.  Leak Science invested in an efficient technology that allows us to locate a leak as quickly as possible.

In conducting our test, there is no need to drain your pool or spa. Our equipment is extremely specialized and accurate that it can tell if 1 quart of water was just taken out of your pool. As part of our service, Leak Science will provide our clients with the water loss from evaporation per hour and if a leak is present how much water you are losing from the leak; all before we start any kind of lead detection process.


Full Leak Detection and Pool Restoration

The only company in the Valley offering complete swimming pool leak detection and complete repair and restoration!

If you've found a leak in your swimming pool, your first thought is likely to call your swimming pool maintenance company, right? Did you know that we're the leak detection experts your pool company owners are calling for leak detection? Leak Science is the only company in the Valley that manages the entire process- from finding your leak, extracting the concrete or flagstone, repairing the leak, and restoring your swimming pool deck- like nothing ever happened!

No Need to Hire a Contractor for Pool Deck Repair!

Traditionally other leak detection companies find and repair a swimming pool leak, but need to hire an outside contractor to help restore your pool to its original condition. This leads to more strangers in and out of your home, and often higher costs. No need for longer repair times, and multiple teams! Leak Science is the only leak detection company to legitimately find and fix.  

Tell Us About Your Pool Problems

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