5 Signs You Have a Pool Leak

There’s nothing that brings relief to a scorching Arizona summer quite like taking a dip in the pool. According to a recent poll taken by Realtor.com, over 45% of Arizona homeowners have their own pool. With summer temperatures that climb into the 100s, having access to a pool is almost a must. Arizona residents utilize their pools for longer periods of time as the hot summer months span much longer than most places. As you use your pool, if you notice the pool is losing water, you could have a leak in your pool. While evaporation from the Arizona sun is normal and children often splash water around, it can be difficult to figure out the exact cause for a lowered water level. Luckily, there are some signs that may help you determine whether your pool is leaking. So without further delay, here are 5 signs you have a pool leak.

5 Signs You Have a Pool Leak


Increase in Your Water Bill 

If you have a major spike in your water bill, it may be a sign that you have a pool leak. Even the smallest of holes can leak hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water per week. If it is not your pool that is leaking, then it could mean you have a leak elsewhere in your home. If leaks go unnoticed for too long, they can cause significant structural damage to your pool or even your home.

Standing Water

If you see a puddle of water near your pool and it hasn’t rained in some time, or no one has gone swimming, this is a sure-tell sign of a pool leak. Check by your pool pump for standing water as well. And if you stand by your pool, make sure you feel the nearby grass. If the grass feels mushy or uneven, this is a sign of an underground leak. Either way, these are key indicators that you could have a pool leak, and you should contact your local pool leak detection company as soon as possible.

Fluctuating Chemical Levels

If you notice that your chemical levels have a sudden drop without explanation, this is also a sign of a leak. Leaking water carries chemicals out of your pool, which means you will need to add more than usual to make up for that loss. If you have a leak on your hands, it will be nearly impossible to keep your chemical levels steady from one day to the next. The experts at Leak Science can detect whether you have a leak, and where the leak is, and make the appropriate repairs to ensure that no further damage occurs.

Algae or Discolored Water

A pool with improper chemical levels is a perfect breeding ground for algae. If algae develop quickly enough, it can turn your pool water green, which is another sure sign of a leak. Green pools are extremely dangerous; if you notice that your pool has turned green over an extremely short period of time, call the experts at Leak Science to come out and assess whether or not this is due to a pool leak.

Cracks In and Around Your Pool 

Just like driveways and sidewalks, pools can develop cracks over time that can lead to a wide range of problems in your pool. Some smaller cracks can sometimes be sealed, while more expansive problems may require professional resurfacing. Cracks in and around your pool are a clear indicator of a leak or potential leak. A professional will need to come to your home and repair the cracks before major damage occurs.

Verify the tiling, bond beam, and other components in the pool or on the deck. Cracks might be an indication of a leak, the pool sinking, or the earth being raised by tree roots. Fortunately, the cracks may be cleaned and filled if an expert locates and fixes the problem’s root cause.

Ways to Find Leaks

Test # 1: The Evaporation Test

  • Grab a normal-sized 5 Gallon bucket and place it on the second step of your pool.
  • Fill the bucket with water to match your pool’s water level.
  • Use a marker or duct tape to mark the level inside of the bucket.
  • Turn off the circulation.
  • Wait a few days, then mark the new level in the bucket and pool or spa.

Both the water in the bucket and the water in your pool should evaporate equally. If the pool level is significantly lower, you may have a leak. If the water levels evaporate at the same rate, then it is probably not a leak.

Test # 2: The Dye Test

Grab some red food coloring, goggles, and a snorkel. Let the pool drain. If the water stops draining, the leak is somewhere along the top of the pool. But if the pool drains all the way to the bottom, the leak is at the bottom of your pool. If this happens, you probably will need to add water in order for this test to work correctly. Now that you know the general area of the leak, check the ground or the walls for wetness. Once you have a good idea of where the leak is, hop into the pool. Be careful not to disturb the water, and go to the area where you believe the leak might be. Using your goggles and snorkel, move towards the wall or bottom of the pool and squirt the dye. If you actually found the leak, the food coloring will flow towards the leak by itself.

5 Signs You Have a Pool Leak

To the untrained eye, swimming pool leaks are tough to locate, even for the experts. The biggest threat of pool water leaks in Phoenix and Scottsdale is their ability to remain unseen, costing hundreds and thousands of dollars each month in water bills.

Swimming pool leak detection is a highly specialized trade. Here at Leak Science, we use advanced leak detection technology that lets us find even the most difficult leaks that are often hidden underground beneath plumbing or pool decking. We use advanced acoustic equipment and our proven process to find these leaks accurately. This equipment allows us to locate leaks sometimes within just inches of the location. This makes us a great asset to Phoenix-area homeowners because we end up not tearing up as much to gain access to the leak and make the repair. This reduces the putback and doesn’t leave large scars around your pool.

Leak Science is the only company in the Valley that manages the entire process- from finding your leak, extracting the concrete or flagstone, repairing the leak, and restoring your swimming pool deck- like nothing ever happened. Think your pool may have a leak. Contact us and give us details about your possible pool leak.

Have a leak? Don’t wait to reach out!

Have any of these typical signs of a leaky swimming pool on your property come to your attention? Leaks generally continue to waste water and cost pool owners money if they are not properly repaired. Taking prompt remedial action can help many pool leak issues be solved.

The easiest method to determine whether your pool is leaking water is through professional leak detection. Once we locate it, we use long-lasting fixes to eliminate the issue and significantly lower the likelihood that the hole will resurface.

Contact Leak Science today to learn more about our leak detection procedures or to find out whether the signs you are observing could point to a potential leak.

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