7 Leak Detection Scams And How To Avoid Them

There are a lot of great contractors out there, but there are also quite a few highly skilled scammers. How can you tell them apart and avoid being taken advantage of? Become familiar with these 7 popular leak detection scams and learn what to do to avoid shady leak detection companies.

The 7 Most Common Leak Detection Scams



The bait-and-switch gimmick has been around for years. Companies will advertise a service at an incredible deal, with the intention of providing a significantly inferior service in addition to substandard materials.

Your misleading leak detection company then pockets the profit.

Another method of this madness is actually using expensive material but jacking up the price much higher than it should be.

Everchanging Estimate

This leak detection scam most often comes with three red flags:
  • If your leak detector is halfway through a project and suddenly the contract changes or additional work comes up, the contractor may have a scam strategy to quote low for work and charge high fees for these “surprises.” This could also mean the leak detection company simply doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing.
  • Verbal contracts mean nothing! For example, if you’re on the phone and a leak detection company and they offer an amazing estimate, then start the work still without any paperwork, then before you know it, they are done, and the price spiked two or three times higher than the verbal estimate.
  • Lastly, beware of receiving a quote without an inspection being done. Estimates over the phone or purely verbal are solely just an estimate.

The “Upfronts”

You may have read this in other articles so much you might brush it off.

A professional leak detection company should not have any issue providing their credentials or any other forms of business identification. If they are resistant to show you, they might not have that crucial information. To check if your leak detection and restoration company is licensed and fully certified, click here.

Additionally, a great water leak detection company will not offer cash only as payment. “Companies” like this often don’t even carry insurance and may not even pay taxes.

One last upfront red flag to watch out for is if a leak detector asks for a high amount of money upfront. Most states have laws that prohibit leak detection contractors from asking more than 10% upfront. If they do ask for a high amount of money upfront, they could simply be taking the money and running.

Keeping Information Secret 

When you ask for items like their license number, business cards, and qualifications, respectable plumbers won’t have any trouble providing them. It’s likely that a plumber lacks the necessary licensure if they appear hesitant to provide you with these documents. The details of a plumber’s license are available online. Jobs that need just cash payments and payments that are conducted under the table are both significant warning flags. If someone doesn’t provide you with a paper receipt, you should also be cautious. This frequently indicates that they don’t have any insurance or pay taxes.

Another thing to look out for is if the plumber requests 25–50% in advance. This fraud happens frequently. Most states forbid a plumber from requesting a deposit of more than 10%. If they ask for a bigger down payment, they could just grab your money and run.

Too Many People

Say you’ve hired a leak detector to locate and fix a leak, but throughout the week, you’ve had three different people show up, and you have no idea what they’re all doing.

Sometimes one of these workers is an apprentice. However, this person should always be monitored and have their work checked by a licensed leak detection and restoration professional.

Although this is not unheard of, a qualified plumber should always supervise an apprentice and inspect their work. Keep a watch out for one or two indicators to detect the scam:
  • When it comes time to write the bill, some plumbers may subcontract out portions of the work to friends or relatives while claiming they have no control over the other parties’ hourly rates.
  • If there are three plumbers present while only one is needed for the work. you could end up paying three hourly wages.

Rising Rates

A shady leak detection and restoration company will pull up to your nice house, notice your nice car, see the beautiful and thought-out interior of your home, and decide to raise the rate while you’d never know it. They may feel they can raise the price simply because you can afford it.

Plumbers Knocking on Doors 

When a person knocks on your door and claims to be a real plumber, you can quickly identify this con. None of them are plumbers. Be wary, as they may be trying to sell you something or attempt to burglarize your home.

How To Avoid Leak Detection Scams

  • Research. Find a website, read reviews, and see if they’re in good standing with the BBB. Also, be sure to ask for licensing and certifications.
  • Get everything in writing. Have your well-researched leak detector come to your home for an inspection and receive a paper estimate. Without a contract, you won’t have much legal standing at all if you run into issues.
  • With the written estimate, compare the prices of the materials listed at your local hardware store. Even the smallest items should be double-checked for high markups.
  • Ask how many people (including apprentices) will be on the job, and ask to specify what each person will be doing. You don’t want to unknowingly hire more than one contractor for a job that doesn’t require more than one.
  • If more than one person is required for the job, ask for each one’s hourly rate as they might differ.
  • Ask a lot of questions! An excellent leak detection company will not hesitate to answer all your questions and calm your concerns.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, never let a random person into your home claiming to be something they’re not. If someone randomly shows up at your door claiming they are a leak detection company, promptly ask to see licensing and certification first. If this happens to you and they don’t have the necessary proof, call the police immediately!

Avoid 7 Leak Detection Scams When You Work With Leak Science!

If you are in search of a trustworthy leak detection and restoration company, Leak Science has licensing, certifications, reviews, training, and expertise to back it up. We’re here to answer any questions and calm any concerns!

At Leak Science, we combine and make use of the science and technology that are the two main components of leak detection. We are able to discover the leaks that continue to cost you money every day until they are found and fixed by using very sensitive technology.

Your Leak Detection services can be taken care of right away. Our equipment is so sophisticated and precise that it can detect the removal of just 1 quart of water from your pool. Before we begin any sort of lead detection procedure, Leak Science will give our clients information about the water loss from evaporation per hour and, if a leak is there, how much water you are losing from the leak.

We really hope this article was helpful to you. You should keep in mind these tricks and how to avoid them the next time you hire a plumber. It will greatly improve your situation and that of your home. And do not hesitate to give us a call if you need leak detection and repair services!

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